Day 1 of turning over a new, active leaf.


While I did have a couple squares of chocolate today (thankfully they were gross and the rest went into the trash) for the most part I ate clean.  I had lentils with veggies (carrots, tomatoes, onions), sunflower seeds, steamed cauliflower with just a little butter and grapes.  One advantage of house sitting in the middle of nowhere is that I have limited opportunity to cheat eat. 🙂


  • Distance: 6.28 km
  • Time: 1:19
  • Pace: 4.75 km/h
  • Running: 3 intervals
  • Extra Weight: 10 lbs

I am disappointed with my pace but I have to remember that it includes getting in and out of the property gate and stopping a couple times to herd the dogs away from cars.  I did run a few intervals which is unusual for me.  Generally I’m the one saying “if you see me running you should probably run too because something is probably chasing me”.  But, I was feeling good and knew I had to keep the walk somewhat short because of the dogs so I figured why not.  I think I will keep trying to add more time/intervals.

I also carried a backpack with @ 10 lbs of food in it to add some resistance.  Tomorrow I need to remember to put on my HRM!  Kicked myself when I realized I had forgotten it but I was already 20 minutes into the walk so kind of silly to go back for it at that point.