One of the downfalls of the wonderful webdev bootcamp I went through was the (many) pounds I packed in during class.  When you’re sitting for 14 hours a day eating junk food and snacks you’re bound to pack on a few (dozen) pounds.  So, when I settled in Malaga, the first thing I did was find a gym.  Those who know me know I like to lift hard and heavy.  One of my proudest moments was pulling a #200 lb deadlift.  I’m excited about getting back into the gym and getting back to that point (and having pants that fit me).

What I didn’t think about was the metric menace.  That’s right, now I have to lift in Kilos.  Adding insult to injury, my new gym doesn’t use the common Olympic bar which is a standard 20kg/45lbs.  Instead it has various sizes of ‘standard’ bars which means now I have to do all kinds of math. Math sucks.

But, the important part is: I have a gym!  Now I can work on geting my squat booty back into my size 6 jeans!