Figuring out vaccinations and what medication to bring has been a big challenge for this trip.  This will be my first extended trip in a developing nation so everyone is recommending the following shots:

~ Hepatitis A
~ Hepatitis B
~ Typhoid
~ Polio
~ Tetanus
~ Yellow Fever (I’ll need it for Panama and when I head into South America)

The problem is that two of the vaccinations (Hep A&B) are in a series and I won’t have time to take them all before leaving.  Also, when you add all the shots together I’m looking at $1000 which is 1.5 months of my traveling budget!  So the debate begins…to jab or not to jab.

After doing some research I’ve decided that I want the vaccinations and I’ve learned that I can get everything I need for about $150 if I get the shots there.  So, I think one of my first projects when I land in Cancun will be to find a doctor and get my vaccinations as well as a supply of malaria pills and antibiotics.

I’d much rather spend the money on traveling than expensive pre-departure care that I can get elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

Yay!  One question down!