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This week’s Editor’s Pick was submitted by Laura from American Abroad.  Her post Home will likely strike a chord with most long-term travelers.  Choosing to live your life on the road vs. in the traditional manner has both advantages and disadvantages.  Missing out on life events and losing your sense of “home” are two of the disadvantages.


Kevin Giffin presents 10 Things to Bring With You When Vacationing with Kids posted at Summer Nanny

“Traveling with your kids is something every parent should experience. You’ll make treasured memories as a family, have new and exciting experiences and be able to spend the quality time together that you may be missing in the hectic pace of today’s world. Taking a trip of any length will always require a bit of advance planning to help things run smoothly, but vacationing with kids is a different ballgame entirely. You will need to bring things along to keep everyone safe, help manage time effectively and keep everyone occupied during downtime.”

Elizabeth Atwood presents Day Out With Thomas 2013 posted at

“We had a great time going to see Thomas the Train at a Day Out with Thomas!”


Jo presents Ilkley Brewery – Behind the scenes posted at My Life in Leeds

I love microbreweries. This one looks great and it’s always best to support small, local businesses when possible!

Mandy presents Human Trafficking – Encountering Evil While Traveling posted at Vagabondette

Travel isn’t always sunshine and roses.  Sometimes you encounter some truly evil things.

Trip Reports

Davide presents Lake Garda posted at travelling-dave.

Great info for those planning to visit Lake Garda.  I’ve not been personally but I’d love to spend a few weeks exploring the lakes of Northern Italy.  Lots of photos to whet your appetite!

Tui Snider presents Mineola, Texas: A Delightful North Texas Getaway in Easy Reach of Dallas & Fort Worth posted at Tui Snider’s Unexpected Texas, Travel, Photos & Reviews

“With its red brick streets lined with historic buildings, quirky Mom and Pop businesses (such as a restaurant in a hardware store), street corner musicians, and renovated train depot, Mineola makes a fun weekend getaway in east Texas.”

Erika Bisbocci presents The Warm Heart of Africa posted at Bisbocci Abroad.

Nice post and beautiful photos that just make you want to get to Malawi as soon as possible!

Mia Escobud presents Haad Rin Sunset, Full Moon Party island posted at Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales

“It was obviously meant to be, the synchronicity and spiritual vortex of the Samui islands bringing us back together…'”

Jo presents Thackray Museum Leeds – Medical museum in Leeds posted at My Life in Leeds.

In general I’m not a huge fan of “traditional” museums but this kind of unique topic would likely pull me in.  If I get back up to that area I may have to check it out!

Zhu presents The Tour in Tours posted at Correr Es Mi Destino

“Feng sug­gested we travel to Tours to catch it and I didn’t mind. I like being a tourist in France, I get to see another side of the coun­try I would typ­i­cally ignore (or mock) as a local.”

Thailand Breeze presents Cozy Homestay In Kanchanaburi posted at Thailand Breeze.

I’ve wanted to go to Southeast Asia for years but have been terrified of the heat.  It’s encouraging to know that there are places you can go where it is cool.  This seems like a perfect spot for a bit of relaxation and disconnection from the electronic world.

femmefauxpas presents [DPRK] Chapter 1: Bright Lights and City Sights posted at femmefauxpas

“My first installment in my recent adventure to the DPRK. North Korea proved to be so different from what I thought it would be, and I hope to share my experiences with more people :)”

Alena Hadley presents Keep Asheville Weird posted at Alena’s Adventures

I visited Asheville about 10 years ago and I don’t remember it being like this.  Either it changed or I was just unobservant.  I purchased one of my favorite pieces of art there – which I lost several years later during a move.

Erika Bisbocci presents Bisbocci Abroad: Mosi ao Tunya–The Smoke that Thunders posted at Bisbocci Abroad

Good info on visiting Victoria Falls including some beautiful pics.

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