Current Location: Uzumlu, Turkey

I have started my 2.5 month HelpX project here in Uzumlu.  I am working on a horse farm taking care of and riding 5 horses.  The area is beautiful – in the mountains but close to the beach – and the horses are so sweet.

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  1. Trish: Pictures? I'd love to see that area!

    • vagabondette: Yeah, I need to get some photos up. Yesterday we did a horseback ride into the mountains and it was…

If You’re an Expat, are You Running To or From Something?

What Are Expats Running From? –

I have definitely met a couple people who are running from something, but I think I am in the running TO camp myself.  This paragraph summed it pretty well for me:

“And a lot of them are simply running to the adventure they’ve wanted all their lives. They’re running to the places they always wanted to see, the cultures they always wanted to experience, the languages they always wanted to learn, the books they always wanted to write, the mountains they always wanted to climb, the caves they always wanted to explore, the cuisines they always wanted to cook…”

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An Improvement in Economy Flight Seating?

This Could Change Flying In A Big Way –

This seems like an interesting concept but I am not sure how it would be implemented.  Would the FAs have to change the seats for every flight? Seems like that would kill turnaround times.

And what happens to the 10″ middle seat? Do the airlines just have to eat that lost fare?

God knows I wouldn’t turn down more space in economy, but I don’t see how this would work.

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