Getting Fit While Traveling – Week 1

After getting a better idea of what the 30 day challenge was going to be like, I have changed my plans.  I am waaaayyyy too out of shape for that at this point. I want to lose weight, not die.  Instead, I found a 6-week bootcamp workout on Women’s Health.  I figure this will get […]

Getting Fat While Traveling

PLEASE NOTE:  The following post is extremely embarrassing and extremely difficult for me to post, but I feel like I need some accountability in my life so I’m going public! Last week I went on a tour of the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria.  The tour was beautiful and, as usual, one of the other people […]

Weekly Roundup – September 5, 2012

Image source homes go fast 1 – The Place I Love but Can’t Describe Read it here In preparing for the upcoming TBEX conference in Girona, Spain, I am reading lots of posts on the area. This post, which is lite on words but heavy on images, is going a lot to get me excited […]