This month was pretty brutal for the market. Lots of ups and downs. Even with contributing almost $4500, my net worth still dropped. It’s annoying to watch, but better now than after I FIRE, and I’m looking at it as an opportunity to buy on sale. I may not be making progress now, but when the market reverts, the money I’m putting in now will give me a big chunk ahead. But months like this are why you plan for Sequence of Return Risk and build up a bond tent.

Quick Stats






7 Months


31 Months


52 Months

Note: For the purposes of my calculations, these are the definitions I use:

  • Poverty FireĀ – This is the lowest amount I could live on. It’s my current average spend.
  • Lean Fire – This is Poverty Fire + 50%.
  • Regular FireĀ  – This is Poverty Fire x 2.