My streak of house sitting ended this month so I spent a lot of time traveling again, which was a great change but definitely impacts the budget.  One high unexpected expense was for 2 nights of lodging in an almost sold out city. Those two nights were almost $200!  I’m over my monthly goal, but considering that I visited 8 cities in 5 countries this month, it’s not too bad.  I did house sit until the 10th of August which helped!

This summary covers travel related expenses for 1-31 August 2016.

Location(s) Visited This Month

  • Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Wroclaw, Poland
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia

Transportation – $163.16

  • This is for public transportation, a flight, and bus/train travel.  Thankfully buses around Poland were pretty cheap, aside from one train I had to take, so these costs weren’t too bad.

Lodging – $521.23

  • I stayed mostly in hostels with a few nights of Airbnb and hotel stays.  2 nights in one hotel was almost $200 because the city was almost sold out on a busy weekend.

Food & Entertainment – $219.12

  • I ate out pretty much every meal but thankfully I was in generally low-cost areas which helped.

Miscellaneous – $158.15

  • This money was all cash which I don’t track.  Most of this went towards food and entertainment.  I did a lot of free walking tours which I tipped for.  This also included a sim card with data.

Monthly Total:  $1133.66

Average monthly spend: $968.60 ($31.40)*

I’m still under my monthly average target, but moving around and eating out all the time definitely makes life more expensive.

At reader request, I am including a link to a monthly breakdown chart so you can see month-by-month spending in one spot.  Monthly Spending

* My average monthly spending target is $1k/mo. This number is the average for the months I’ve been working remotely so far.  The amount in parentheses is the amount I’m over or under my goal.