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1 – The Place I Love but Can’t Describe

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In preparing for the upcoming TBEX conference in Girona, Spain, I am reading lots of posts on the area. This post, which is lite on words but heavy on images, is going a lot to get me excited to explore the area!


2 – Your Chance to do the Ultimate Train Challenge

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I love, love, love the concept of this challenge. Though it is not how I generally travel – low and slow (to borrow from my friend Wes) – it just sounds like so much fun and so challenging that I would do it anyway if I had the cash. I can’t wait to hear participant stories!

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3 – 20 Inspirational Travel Quotes

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Travel quotes can sometimes be a bit trite, but this is a good collection if you are looking for some inspiration (or justification) for your next trip. My old standby used to be “not all who wander are lost” but recently it has changed to “Only those who risk going too far can find out how far one can go” by T.S. Eliot. While not specifically about travel, it says a little about what my current mindset is for travel and other aspects of my life.

4 – RelayRides: The Airbnb Of Transportation

I love the concept of car sharing in general, but this takes it a step further and in a way that benefits everyone. Considering the current economy, anything that will allow people to maximize their income and savings is a good thing!


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5 – Stay Fit On The Go: Easy Hotel Room Exercises

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Some tips on how to stay fit while traveling. Not gaining weight or getting out of shape can be a challenge well on the road. These exercises are quick and easy and will keep you in tip top shape. I also like burpees and wall sits.

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