It’s been about a year and a half since I last updated this blog.  In that time I’ve had a few people contact me and ask me if I’m still traveling, if I’m still working online, if I’m still alive, etc. The answer to all of those questions is…YES…mostly!

The reason I’ve not been updating the site is because I haven’t been doing much travel that I think people would find interesting. The fact is, I’ve pretty much settled down in Mexico. I’ve now passed my three-year anniversary here and have only left for quick trips to Guatemala and back to the US. As a result, my life is pretty much the same as everyone else’s: I work, I hang out with friends, I eat good meals and drink good wine and I basically just live. I did get married a little over a year ago…that was pretty different!

As anyone who has written a personal blog or read someone else’s knows: writing about the daily grind can be almost as boring as reading about someone else’s daily grind. Thus the travel blog hiatus. 🙂

However, things they are a changin’ and as I have a pretty hefty trip involving lots of planning coming up, I’ve decided to dust off the old site, give it a face lift and get blogging again. It’s kind of exciting.