Every time you plan a trip you are faced with certain challenges. The level of challenge is generally dictated by how extensive the trip is going to be. For example, a weekend trip to the city an hour’s drive away will be substantially more challenging to plan than a month-long trip to a foreign country on a different continent.

After my planned week in Mexico turned into multiple years, I gave up on the notion of planning my trips preferring, instead, to just wing it. It has served me well for the past few years and I’m loathe to change it. However, I’m faced with the need to combine my aversion to planning with my aversion to paying a lot and I’m finding that being a cheap-ass is winning out over not liking to plan. 🙂

In mid-August, I will be leaving Mexico and heading out on a 5-month trip which will take me to the following countries:


Depending on how things are at the moment I may also try to squeeze in Lebanon and/or Syria while I’m in the Middle East and tack on a cheap package holiday to Greece or Turkey after Scotland.

It’s an ambitious trip – especially considering that a full month of the time will be spent walking the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain.

Even though the planning part is stressing me out, I’m excited to be getting back out into the world and stepping foot on some new soil. For those who are curious, I’ll be tracking my spending during the trip so people can get an idea of what a similar trip would cost them.

Europe/Middle East Trip Spending:

Flight NYC-Barcelona – $408 USD
Flight Tel Aviv-London – $125 USD