I didn’t visit Na Bolom on my first swing through San Cris because frankly I’m not much of a museum kinda gal.  However, when I was in Tuxtla I met a man who works there and he told me more about it so Lindsey and I decided to check it out this afternoon and I’m glad I did.

While Na Bolom is a museum it’s also much more.  The former house of European explorers it’s full of the history and artifacts of the local indegenous tribes.  I really enjoyed the stories that were told about how the different animals were created and learning more about the beliefs of some of the local cultures.

We also spent some time wandering the extensive gardens which was very nice.  You wouldn’t believe that you’re in the middle of the city when you’re surrounded by beautiful flowers, fruit trees and medicinal plants.

It’s a good museum for people who don’t speak good Spanish because everything is translated into English and if you stop in the reception area you can get an English language guide that gives you more history about the couple.  The guide is a bit out of date but the information is interesting.

Na Bolom cost 35 MXN for entry and there is ann optional tour that you can take which is supposed to be very good.  There is a restaurant on site that supposedly has great food as well as a hotel if you feel like a splurge.