Tonala doesn’t have much going for it aside from easily accessible markets and pharmacies which is why I came here.  After the limited supplies in Puerto Arista I needed a bit more modern convenience but I wasn’t feeling well enough to continue on to San Cris so I decided to stop for the night at the Hotel Galilea in Tonala.

The hotel is more expensive than I would normally pay (300 MXN/night for one person) but one of the cheapest in town and the air conditioning was a nice treat.  The rooms are clean, the beds (king size) are comfey and there’s a TV in each room with cable (including English channels).

Located right on the main square it’s convenient to the busses (first and second class) as well as restauarants, the market and other things.

If you have to stay the night in Tonala – likely on your way to somewhere else – it’s a good option.  The restaurant serves decent food at reasonable prices and there is free WiFi as well.