Goodbye Mexico

It’s strange to think that this is my last night in Mexico for several months and maybe my last night ever in Merida.  This country, that I never intended to visit, has captured my heart.  The warmth of the people, the culture and the comfortable atmosphere has made me feel at home even though at […]

Palenque, Mexico

I’m not sure what I expected from a visit to Palenque, but I didn’t get it.  I think I expected it to be much larger, to have more ruins and to be just generally more.  Rather than the wild, sprawling jungle ruins I anticipated what I found was a fairly small site that was manicured […]

Updates, updates, updates

In the last several weeks I’ve talked to many people who have wondered why I’m no longer updating the blog.  The simple answer is:  I wasn’t doing anything interesting enough to write about.  I settled into San Cristobal and was just living life – working, eating, hanging out with friends.  Not exactly interesting or entertaining […]

Posada 5, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

I walked past Posada 5 several times on my way to/from Backpackers/Na Bolom before I stopped in.  I was getting sick of dorm life and since Posada 5 had gotten some good reviews I thought I’d see how much a private room was. The Posada is fairly small with 5-6 private rooms and a dorm […]


One of the best things about not being on a schedule is that when opportunities come up I’m able to take advantage of them. As I wrote a few days ago, I’ve begun volunteering at Na Bolom a local non-profit that has just a ton of stuff going on.  I was brought on by my […]

I’ve Joined the Revolution

Bar Revolution is one of the most famous bars in San Cristobal – and for good reason.  I’ve been twice now and had two different, but enjoyable experiences. The first time I went with a group from the Backpackers Hostel we saw a band called Fraktal who played some of the most unique music I’ve […]

Na Bolom, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

I didn’t visit Na Bolom on my first swing through San Cris because frankly I’m not much of a museum kinda gal.  However, when I was in Tuxtla I met a man who works there and he told me more about it so Lindsey and I decided to check it out this afternoon and I’m […]

Return to San Cris

After spending about a week on the road I’ve decided to head back to San Cris for a bit.  It’ll give me not only a chance to get out of the heat but also to recover from whatever’s making me feel like crapola.  I should probably also visit a dentist – which is always fun.  […]

Hotel Galilea, Tonala, Mexico

Tonala doesn’t have much going for it aside from easily accessible markets and pharmacies which is why I came here.  After the limited supplies in Puerto Arista I needed a bit more modern convenience but I wasn’t feeling well enough to continue on to San Cris so I decided to stop for the night at […]