Bar Revolution is one of the most famous bars in San Cristobal – and for good reason.  I’ve been twice now and had two different, but enjoyable experiences.

The first time I went with a group from the Backpackers Hostel we saw a band called Fraktal who played some of the most unique music I’ve ever heard.  A combo of Cello, Guitar, Voice, Drum, Accordion, Keyboard and more, some of their songs had hints of Rusted Root but most were 100% unusual.  Strange as they were, the entire group loved them and we all purchased copies of their CDs.  Take a listen:

The second time I went was with my from Julio from the party in Tuxtla and there was a jazz band which was good but who I only heard for a few minutes before their set was done.

Before all the stupid swine flu crap they used to do two shows each night at Revolution but these days, since crowds are down, they only have one show a night.  Hopefully it’ll go back to normal soon when people realize that the swine flu is not really the big problem that the media has turned it into.

On the second trip to Revolution I discovered the upstairs bar which was nice (and probably a bit more quiet) and has a nice row of padded seats.  I also learned that while they close their doors at midnight, if you’re in you can continue drinking until 1 am and hang out until they kick you out.

If you’re looking for a good group of locals and tourists it’s definitely the place to be.