2018 Financial Year in Review – Annual Spend = $17,306.62

This year was an odd one. In general, I try to keep my monthly spending at an average of $1k. Up until September, I was right on track. Then I went to Africa. What was supposed to be a multi-month house sit turned into a multi-month road trip. I could have easily decided to just […]

Windermere Backpackers Hostel – The Strangest Hostel Ever

I would conservatively estimate that I have stayed at over 100 hostels throughout my travels.  Some have been nasty, others have been amazing.  Some have been tiny, some have been huge.  But, until now, one thing they all had in common was staff.  Then I decided to head to the Lake District.

La Toscana – Antigua, Guatemala – Review

La Toscana got great reviews on Degustantigua and since it’s virtually across the street and I was feeling lazy I decided to check it out.  The reviews were right on the money. I ordered the home made Chicken Tortellini with the Di Magro sauce which was amazing.  It was a great mix of flavors and […]

La Fonda de la Calle Real – Antigua, Guatemala – Review

La Fonda is well regarded in most guide books as a good place to get some local cuisine and they’re especially known for their Caldo Real which is basically a big bowl of Chicken and Rice soup.  This is what I got as I was still on soft foods after my tooth extraction. The serving […]

El Hostal, Antigua, Guatemala

The last time I was in Antigua (July, 2009) I stayed at the Jungle Party hostel which, in my unvarnished opinion, is a complete shit-hole.  On this trip, as I didn’t have to confer with anyone else, I decided to pony up the extra $1 and stay somewhere with better reviews.  El Hostal gets an […]

Posada 5, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

I walked past Posada 5 several times on my way to/from Backpackers/Na Bolom before I stopped in.  I was getting sick of dorm life and since Posada 5 had gotten some good reviews I thought I’d see how much a private room was. The Posada is fairly small with 5-6 private rooms and a dorm […]

Monkey Hostel, Campeche, Mexico

If you talk to most travelers heading through Campeche they’ll tell you to stay at the Monkey Hostel.  While I can see the draw, for me it was the worst hostel experience I’ve had on this trip. The hostel is in a great location, has a great view, a roof deck overlooking the Zocalo and […]

Nomadas Hostel, Merida, Mexico

Nomadas Hostel is probably the most well known hostel in Merida and it’s easy to see why. It’s large dorms are clean and airy and the bottom beds are actually full size, not twin which is a nice change. They’re also in the process of installing a pool in the back yard which will definitely […]

Mayan Hostel, Cancun, Mexico – Review and Details

The Mayan Hostel is located at Calle Margaritas 17, just a quick walk from the downtown bus terminal. When you arrive, exit the bus terminal and go to the left. Cross Ave. Uxmal and turn left. Your first right will be Calle Margaritas. The hostel is ahead 1 block on the right. The hostel costs […]