If you talk to most travelers heading through Campeche they’ll tell you to stay at the Monkey Hostel.  While I can see the draw, for me it was the worst hostel experience I’ve had on this trip.

The hostel is in a great location, has a great view, a roof deck overlooking the Zocalo and Cathedral and has a nice common space, but it’s missing a key ingredient to being able to sleep:  Aircon.

I have no idea why a hostel in a place that reaches 90-110 degrees would not have airconditioning.  Instead, they rely on weak ceiling fans and cross-ventilation to keep the rooms clean.  This might work, except that the night we were there, there were people (including staff) partying and being loud in the common room until 5 am.  This meant that unless you felt like joining the party, the door to the room had to be closed.

At around 2 AM I finally gave up when I checked the thermometer on my bag and discovered it was 95 F in our room.  At that point, I took my sheets, my yoga mat and my pillow and went to camp outside on the balcony.  Said balcony was about 18″ wide and made of concrete so it was less than comfortable.  The only saving grace was that it was 20 degrees cooler out there.

The only positive thing about my experience at the Monkey Hostel was the fact that because I was forced to be awake all night I was able to see the sunrise from the roof and was up to wander the town before it got too hot.  Other than that it was a complete waste and I would not stay there again during the hot months.