The Backpacker’s hostel is my 2nd favorite hostel in Mexico (behind the Santa Lucia in Merida) and is by far the best that I’ve stayed at in San Cristobal.

The two main disadvantages of this hostel are:  1 – it’s the most expensive.  However, since they have stay 3 get 1 free and Thursdays are 1/2 off specials the average nightly rate can actually be quite low.  2 – it’s further away from the center of town than most of the other hostels.  Some people might find the walk to be a pain but it’s really only a few blocks so it hasn’t been a problem for most people I’ve talked to here.

The hostel has several options on dorm sizes from 14 bed to 4 bed and several private rooms.

This is the place to be if you want to be social.  With good music playing, a central courtyard to hang out in and nightly bonfires it’s easy to strike up conversations with other travelers.

The breakfast leaves a bit to be desired (2 pieces of bread with coffee/tea) but the kitchen is large and well-equipped so it’s easy to cook on your own.  It’s also located close to the big market for shopping and the artisan market for souveniers.

The staff are friendly and helpful and if you like animals you’ll get your fix here with 2 dogs and several cats who crave attention and are more than willing to cuddle for the night.