Planet Hostel was the second hostel I stayed at in San Cris and it’s my least favorite.

More of a hotel than a hostel, it has about a dozen private (reasonably priced rooms) and one dorm with six beds.

The location is decent, if a bit hard to find, and the beds are comfortable (I actually had a full-sized bed which was nice) but those plusses are far outweighed by the minuses.

The staff are not very friendly or helpful and spend most of their time sittting and watching TV.  At one point, every bathroom in the place was out of paper and I had to ask three times and wait four hours before  they bothered to stock it.  The internet is turned off at 11 pm which is annoying and since the doors are all made of metal it can be very loud at night with people coming and going.

The biggest plus is that they’ll pay for your taxi from the bus station so if you’re beat and don’t feel like carrying your stuff it might be a good option.  Otherwise though, I’d recommend staying at either the Maria Bonita (if you want quiet) or the Backpackers Hostel (if you want more of a party) instead.