The Maria Bonita hostel is the first of three hostels that I visited while I was in San Cristobal.  Located just a few blocks from the main square it is not only the most central hostel it’s the least expensive of the three.

Offering 2 dorms and a private room, the Maria Bonita is small but friendly.  There is a large dining table, a nice roof deck with grill and seating, a common area with a  TV and games and the beds are comfortable and come equipped with the necessary thick blankets.

My biggest complaint about the Maria Bonita is that there are only 4 bathrooms and they all have a shower/toilet so going to the bathroom in the morning can be challenging if everyone else is showering.  I also wasn’t impressed with their internet situation.  They have wifi but no computers and the wifi is free for the first night but after than you’re supposed to pay 30 MXN for the rest of your time there.  Weird.  On the plus side they do offer a nice breakfast with cereal, fruit, juice, yogurt and bread.

While I was there, the visitors were not overly friendly but that can change day-to-day but I still feel it’s probably a pretty quiet hostel so probably not where you want to go if having a party is top on your list of things to do.