I arrived in Valladolid later than I would normally prefer and it was already well dark when I started looking for a place to stay. Lonely Planet had its recommendation but I’d learned of another place from and Aussie girl I met in Cancun. The place doesn’t really have a name (Student and Traveler Hostel I think) but it has a good price for what you get.

For 90 pesos (@$6.40) per person per night you get a private room, private bath and double bed. You also get your own TV which has multiple English language travel so it’s good if you’re jonesin’ to catch up on your news or just watch your favorite TV shows (CSI seems to be popular). It’s definitely not the Ritz, and there is a psychotic rooster next door who doesn’t seem to sleep, but if noise doesn’t bother you it’s a good alternative. It’s convenient, it’s pretty clean and it’s private.

After the heat and exertion of Coba my body was just tired. Add to that the fact that I’d not been alone in a while and I pretty much just alternated between taking showers and being a veg. Unfortunately that means I didn’t see as much of Valladolid as I would have liked but I needed the recharge time.  One thing I did notice while foraging for food was an over abundance of shoe stores.  It was really quite amazing.  If you ever need shoes, this is the place to go!