30 Beautiful Abandoned Places

Visiting ruins is a great way to see both recent and ancient history.  This list of 30 Abandoned Places complied by My Science Academy has both.  They all look pretty amazing but the one in this image caught my eye because it’s in Bulgaria.  Makes me want to go hunting for it while I am here!  […]

Palenque, Mexico

I’m not sure what I expected from a visit to Palenque, but I didn’t get it.  I think I expected it to be much larger, to have more ruins and to be just generally more.  Rather than the wild, sprawling jungle ruins I anticipated what I found was a fairly small site that was manicured […]

Visiting Uxmal, Mexico

See all Uxmal Pictures here It’s surprising to me that Uxmal isn’t more well known.  I assume that’s because it’s not really within day-trip range of the big resorts in Play and Cancun.  Instead, most people who visit the Yucatan head to Chichen Itza and miss this little gem. I headed to Uxmal on a […]

Coba, Mexico

Walking along the jungle paths of Coba you can almost see the Mayan citizens going about their daily business. Coba was home to 55,000 Maya at it’s peak (AD 800-1100) and only a few of its estimated 6500 structures have been excavated. You have several choices on how to make your way around the ruins […]

Tulum Ruins, Mexico

View all images from Tulum Ruins After a great debate with my hostel friends over the benefits of beach vs. history, history won for me (the others went to the beach).  Catching a collectivo from Tulum center was cheap and easy and dropped me about 2k from the entrance. I’ve seen other ruins – in […]