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Credit Card Issues at H10 Roma Citta

Clerk: we can't accept that kind of credit card.
Me: you don't accept visa?
C: we take visa, but not that kind of card.
M: it is just a normal credit card.
C: the numbers aren't right. You have to use another card or cash.
M: I don't have another card and I am not getting cash out that I wont have time to spend.
C: but we can't take your card.
M: I want to speak with a manager.
C: it is our policy but I can make an exception just this once for your card.
M: you do that.

While checking into the H1 Roma Citta, what is supposed to be a 4* business hotel, I had this conversation with the desk clerk.  It is absolutely ridiculous as the new norm in the...


Are You This Kind of Traveler?

I am not made to work in the hospitality industry and if I didn’t know that before, this website definitely drove the point home.  Full of chuckles, head scratchers and head bangers, the stories...


Hotel Galilea, Tonala, Mexico

Tonala doesn’t have much going for it aside from easily accessible markets and pharmacies which is why I came here.  After the limited supplies in Puerto Arista I needed a bit more modern convenience...