23 (Mostly) Drool-Worthy Foods

I’ll take a #3 with a side of #1 with #16 for dessert please.  Thanks! While I wouldn’t call these the most perfect foods in the Universe, I will say some of them look pretty damn good – if artery clogging. Seeing these while I’m in a place where I can’t get ingredients for them […]

Weekly Roundup – August 29, 2012

1 – Why Israel and the Palestinian Territories Should Be on the Backpacking Trail Read it here A great resource for anyone planning a trip to this area. I am heading to Israel in November and I know I will use it as a resource for my trip.

La Toscana – Antigua, Guatemala – Review

La Toscana got great reviews on Degustantigua and since it’s virtually across the street and I was feeling lazy I decided to check it out.  The reviews were right on the money. I ordered the home made Chicken Tortellini with the Di Magro sauce which was amazing.  It was a great mix of flavors and […]

La Fonda de la Calle Real – Antigua, Guatemala – Review

La Fonda is well regarded in most guide books as a good place to get some local cuisine and they’re especially known for their Caldo Real which is basically a big bowl of Chicken and Rice soup.  This is what I got as I was still on soft foods after my tooth extraction. The serving […]

Not Yo Mexican Mama’s Chilaquiles

While living in Mexico I became somewhat addicted to a local dish called chilaquiles.  Basically they’re a ‘leftovers’ dish made of cut up stale tortillas sauteed in a red or green sauce and then topped with onions, crema (like thin sour cream), crumbled cheese, avocado and chicken (or eggs).  There are many other variations on […]

What to Do, See and Taste in Merida, Mexico

Things to do and see in/around Merida, Mexico: Art Galleries (both fine art as well as local crafts) Live Theater/Symphony Performances Noche Mexicana – every Friday at the start of the Pasaeo de Montejo. Excellent place to go listen to some live music and watch some traditional dancing. There are craft stalls and amazing food […]

Mexican Food Porn

As I start wrapping up my time here in Merida and prepare for my move to Campeche I’ve been spending a lot of time with my hostel friends.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), much of that soocializing has been done around some awesome food.  I’m getting spoiled but boy is […]

Good Italian Food in Mexico? You betcha!

Exploring new restaurants is part of the fun of visiting a new place and Merida definitely has a lot to offer.  I’ve been reading several review sites and decided to check out Pan & Vino (Calle 62 x 59 y 61) and I was not disappointed.  For about 80 pesos  (@ $5.70 US) you can […]

For Love of Tacos

I had my first dose of real Mexican tacos today and boy were they good.  I think I had beef but I’m not sure because the woman operating the stand spoke no English and her Spanish was on fast forward.  She chopped the meat up into thin strips and reheated it (it was pre-cooked) on […]