What’s to Come in 2019?

That’s a great question! I’m generally not one for doing a lot of advanced planning, but someone who read my 2018 Financial Review commented that it was just a retrospective and didn’t really talk about the future. Since 2019 is going to be a kind of crazy year, I thought it might be fun to […]

2018 Financial Year in Review – Annual Spend = $17,306.62

This year was an odd one. In general, I try to keep my monthly spending at an average of $1k. Up until September, I was right on track. Then I went to Africa. What was supposed to be a multi-month house sit turned into a multi-month road trip. I could have easily decided to just […]

I’m in Glamour Magazine!

Some friends and I are featured in a new article in Glamour Magazine about Digital Nomad Women! Check it out! https://www.glamour.com/story/nomad-women-how-to-live-on-the-beach-keep-your-job

Getting Fat While Traveling

PLEASE NOTE:  The following post is extremely embarrassing and extremely difficult for me to post, but I feel like I need some accountability in my life so I’m going public! Last week I went on a tour of the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria.  The tour was beautiful and, as usual, one of the other people […]

Windermere Backpackers Hostel – The Strangest Hostel Ever

I would conservatively estimate that I have stayed at over 100 hostels throughout my travels.  Some have been nasty, others have been amazing.  Some have been tiny, some have been huge.  But, until now, one thing they all had in common was staff.  Then I decided to head to the Lake District.

Touring England’s Lake District (photos)

At somewhat loose ends between house sitting jobs, I hopped onto Get Your Guide to see what some of the tour options in my area were.  I was hoping to find somewhere peaceful with natural beauty and the Lake District seemed like just the thing.  They offer several tours in the area but because I […]

Day Trip to York, England (photos)

Since I’d spent most of my house sit in Knaresborough working on various projects, I really hadn’t seen much of the surrounding area.  With just two days left and a clear weather prediction, I decided to head off to explore the small city of York. As visiting York was a last minute decision (aren’t they […]

Atlantic Crossing – Adrift and Rescued at Sea

Day 41 (June 15) – at sea Today is my 1.5 month anniversary on board this boat. What a crazy few weeks it has been! Our status is the same. The swell got worse through the night with many waves breaking over the stern but they seem to be calming a bit. We got an […]

Building a New Rudder

While adrift in the Atlantic we had to build a new rudder so we could keep moving forward.  It was an incredibly big project and even though cumbersome to steer, it worked and was extremely solid.