2018 Financial Year in Review – Annual Spend = $17,306.62

This year was an odd one. In general, I try to keep my monthly spending at an average of $1k. Up until September, I was right on track. Then I went to Africa. What was supposed to be a multi-month house sit turned into a multi-month road trip. I could have easily decided to just […]

December 2018 Remote Living Expenses – $2292.23

Well, I wasn’t road tripping this month, but I was still traveling, and to places that had hefty visa fees paired with semi-expensive flights and hotel time. So, it was another expensive month. This summary covers nomad living expenses for 1-31 December 2018. Location(s) Visited This Month Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Tanga, Tanzania Kigali, Rwanda […]

November 2018 Remote Living Expenses – $2582.84

Another month of road tripping and, frankly, I’m a bit over it. I moved a LOT this month after I left my house sit and I’m a bit sick of moving so fast. Things will slow down in December and I’m very much looking forward to that. This summary covers nomad living expenses for 1-30 […]

October 2018 Remote Living Expenses – $2179.13

October was the continuation of my Great South African Road Trip. While spending this much is difficult, I’ve gotten to do some really amazing things including a multi-day safari in Kruger National Park. This summary covers nomad living expenses for 1-31 October 2018. Location(s) Visited This Month Nottingham Road Clarens Johannesburg Pretoria Graskop Kruger National […]

August 2018 Remote Living Expenses – $1166.89

August was more expensive than it should have been given I spent most of the month in a cheap location. But that first 1/3 of the month in Ireland was a killer! I also joined a coworking space which is not something I typically do. But, I wanted to check it out as a potential […]

How I Manage My Money

Anyone who reads my monthly budget posts knows that I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money.  Some people think it’s because I don’t have much to spend, but really, it’s because I have some big goals that I’m saving for so I’m living cheap and socking all of my money away towards […]

April 2018 Remote Living Expenses – $1,011.68

While this month was significantly less expensive than last, it was more expensive than I would have preferred. Mostly because of traveling in the UK which is just stupidly expensive. This summary covers nomad living expenses for 1-30 April 2018. Location(s) Visited This Month Thame, UK (h) Milton Keynes, UK Cambridge, UK Hamburg, Germany Hannover, […]

February 2018 Remote Living Expenses – $927.76

This month was kind of weird. I had family visit for a week which covered a week of lodging and food, but I ate out a LOT so my expenses were pretty high. I was just so burnt out on sharing space with others that I just didn’t want to deal with sharing the kitchen. […]

January 2018 Remote Living Expenses – $735.77

It’s been a while but now that things are settled, I’m going to start doing my monthly summaries again. This summary covers nomad living expenses for 1-31 January 2018. Location(s) Visited This Month Mexico City, Mexico I ended up in Mexico City because I was job hunting and I wanted to be somewhere reasonably priced […]

I’m in Glamour Magazine!

Some friends and I are featured in a new article in Glamour Magazine about Digital Nomad Women! Check it out! https://www.glamour.com/story/nomad-women-how-to-live-on-the-beach-keep-your-job