For Merida I decided to test out the whole CouchSurfing concept. I contacted several people in the area and made arrangements to stay with a couple different people for a couple days each. My first stop was with Annalisa and Owen a couple who have labeled themselves “laptop hobos”.

A fairly long, windy and dusty walk through town landed me on their doorstep where I was welcomed with open arms. After giving me a quick tour of their abode they proceeded to spend the next 3 days making me feel at home, showing me around town, buying me drugs (legal ones – I needed some antibiotics), cooking great food and letting me be a sick lump on their bed when I developed a nasty cold.

My first Couch Surfing experience was most excellent and I look forward to seeing what happens in other cities. Until then though I’m apartment hunting in Merida as I think I’ll settle in here for a while and spend some time getting to know the area.