I get lots of questions – from friends, family, other travelers – about just how I can afford to travel on a full-time basis.  My standard answer is that I do website development which means that anywhere I have an internet connection I can work.  The real answer is perhaps a bit more involved but that gets across the basic idea.

Generally the next question is:  Can I see one of your sites?

It’s hard to explain to people who don’t do it, but most successful online marketers do not give out their website information willy nilly.  It seems a bit counter productive, but there are reasons behind it so as a rule, I don’t let people know which sites I’ve developed.

However, I recently developed a site that is aimed less at making money and more at disseminating information so I figured what the heck, why not satisfy the curiosity.

So, for those who wonder just how the heck I can not work full time in an office, here is an example of one of the sites that I’ve developed to make that happen:  http://www.freemarketingproducts.info.

This is just one of many sites in many niches, and for those of you who are not into online marketing, you probably won’t care about this site but for those who are interested in following in my vagabondette footsteps the info on this site may give you some ideas.