Over the last few days I’ve gotten a couple of emails from people wondering if I’m still alive.  Apparently the news you all in the US are getting from Mexico is pretty bad.  I just want to reassure you that I’m not in any danger.  Most of what you’re hearing about is taking place in the border towns, not further south.  It’s also pretty much limited to those involved in the drug trade.  So, being the clean and sober and Yucatan living person that I am, I’m not in any danger.

I’ve actually been spending most of my time lately working on getting a new website launched so I’ve not had time for much else – hence the lack of posts.  I did, however, take a day trip to Celestun with some friends a few days ago and plan to get a trip report and pics posted sometime in the next couple days.

Thanks everyone for your concern it’s been great hearing from you and keep in touch!