(I was not smiling)

After getting a better idea of what the 30 day challenge was going to be like, I have changed my plans.  I am waaaayyyy too out of shape for that at this point. I want to lose weight, not die.  Instead, I found a 6-week bootcamp workout on Women’s Health.  I figure this will get me started and to the point where I can do the 30 day HIIT challenge.  Below is the workout for Week 1.  There are no instructions on how frequently you are supposed to do it.  I will do it at least 3 times.

5-minute warm-up jog or jump rope

Circuit 1:
25 squats
15 pushups
50 jumping jacks
Repeat three times.

Circuit 2:
10-15 squat thrusts
10-15 alternating forward lunges per leg
20 leg lifts
Repeat three times.

Circuit 3:
1-minute run or 1-minute jump rope
1 minute plank position
Repeat three times.

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Did the workout for the first time today. It kinda kicked my ass. For Circuit 2 I only did 10 each of squat thrusts and lunges. I need to ramp that up to the full 15. The hardest part was the 1 minute in plank position. With breaks, in the 3rd set it took me 3:25 to get 60 seconds with my ass in the air. Just shows what a weak core I have. Really have to work on getting that down to a more reasonable time, if not just 1 minute! I put on my HRM after finishing the 1st set of the 1st circuit. From then to the end, it says it took an hour and burned 458 cals. So really, it was probably 1:10 and 500 cals. I have my HRM sitting out now so I don’t forget it again. Not the best results, but it’s a start.[/tab] [tab]October 7

[/tab] [tab]October 8

[/tab] [tab]October 9

[/tab] [tab]October 10

[/tab] [tab]October 11

[/tab] [tab]October 12

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