What’s to Come in 2019?

That’s a great question! I’m generally not one for doing a lot of advanced planning, but someone who read my 2018 Financial Review commented that it was just a retrospective and didn’t really talk about the future. Since 2019 is going to be a kind of crazy year, I thought it might be fun to […]

Planning a Long Trip

Every time you plan a trip you are faced with certain challenges. The level of challenge is generally dictated by how extensive the trip is going to be. For example, a weekend trip to the city an hour’s drive away will be substantially more challenging to plan than a month-long trip to a foreign country […]


One of the best things about not being on a schedule is that when opportunities come up I’m able to take advantage of them. As I wrote a few days ago, I’ve begun volunteering at Na Bolom a local non-profit that has just a ton of stuff going on.  I was brought on by my […]

Return to San Cris

After spending about a week on the road I’ve decided to head back to San Cris for a bit.  It’ll give me not only a chance to get out of the heat but also to recover from whatever’s making me feel like crapola.  I should probably also visit a dentist – which is always fun.  […]

So much to see! (Maps of places to see in Central America)

In the last few weeks I’ve really started reading a lot of forums on Central America and several books trying to form a plan of attack.  I was getting information overload so I decided to start plotting all the places I was reading about on Google Maps. These maps are far from comprehensive and I’ll […]

To jab or not to jab?

Figuring out vaccinations and what medication to bring has been a big challenge for this trip.  This will be my first extended trip in a developing nation so everyone is recommending the following shots: ~ Hepatitis A ~ Hepatitis B ~ Typhoid ~ Polio ~ Tetanus ~ MMR ~ Yellow Fever (I’ll need it for […]