Someday I Hope to See #JustOneRhino in the Wild!

Like most travelers, one of the items on my bucket list has always been to take an African Safari so I can see the Big Five (Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalo) in the wild.  Unfortunately, I might have waited too long. Anyone with an interest in animals has heard of the poaching problems in […]

If You’re an Expat, are You Running To or From Something?

I have definitely met a couple people who are running from something, but I think I am in the running TO camp myself.  This paragraph summed it pretty well for me: “And a lot of them are simply running to the adventure they’ve wanted all their lives. They’re running to the places they always wanted […]

An Improvement in Economy Flight Seating?

This seems like an interesting concept but I am not sure how it would be implemented.  Would the FAs have to change the seats for every flight? Seems like that would kill turnaround times. And what happens to the 10″ middle seat? Do the airlines just have to eat that lost fare? God knows I […]

23 (Mostly) Drool-Worthy Foods

I’ll take a #3 with a side of #1 with #16 for dessert please.  Thanks! While I wouldn’t call these the most perfect foods in the Universe, I will say some of them look pretty damn good – if artery clogging. Seeing these while I’m in a place where I can’t get ingredients for them […]

30 Beautiful Abandoned Places

Visiting ruins is a great way to see both recent and ancient history.  This list of 30 Abandoned Places complied by My Science Academy has both.  They all look pretty amazing but the one in this image caught my eye because it’s in Bulgaria.  Makes me want to go hunting for it while I am here!  […]

Would You Plan Your Vacation Around Beer?

While beer is not my first choice of alcoholic beverage (hello vino, how ya doin’?) drinking micro brews in some of these amazing locations is something I could get on board with!  Although, something seems a bit off about ordering a dunkel at the Von Trapp family (of Sound of Music fame) hotel.  Big beer […]

What is your country best at?

As a traveler, I try (and sometimes fail) to find out what is unique about a country and then experience it.  Working  on the theory that every country is best at something, Information is Beautiful put together a great infographic showing what every country in the world ranks number 1 for. Some are negative – […]

Are You This Kind of Traveler?

I am not made to work in the hospitality industry and if I didn’t know that before, this website definitely drove the point home.  Full of chuckles, head scratchers and head bangers, the stories on How may we hate you? are a great reminder.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this level of idiocy exists, […]

What to do in Istanbul

In November I head to Turkey for 3 months as part of a HelpX volunteer opportunity.  I’m going to be living/working on a horse farm and I’m beyond excited to explore the country.  I’ve wanted to visit Istanbul for years so I’m looking for ideas of what to do while I am there!  This article […]