Someday I Hope to See #JustOneRhino in the Wild!

Like most travelers, one of the items on my bucket list has always been to take an African Safari so I can see the Big Five (Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalo) in the wild.  Unfortunately, I might have waited too long. Anyone with an interest in animals has heard of the poaching problems in […]

The Most Amazing Eternity Pool in the World!

I’ve never been in an eternity pool.  Generally they’re in resorts and resorts are rarely my destination of choice while traveling.  This eternity pool, however, is going to the top of the list of ones I want to see.  Devil’s Pool, at the top of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, is formed by a 2 foot […]

Evening Call To Prayer Marrakesh (Video)

While enjoying the sunset on the roof deck my my Riad in the Medina, the evening call to prayer started.  Being in the middle of 7 different mosques meant the call was coming at me from all directions.  It was a very powerful experience that this video doesn’t even begin to do justice to.