Well, I’m now 7 weeks in Merida and I’ve moved out of my apartment and back into a hostel.  This time I’m in the Hostal Santa Lucia and I love it.  The people are great and it’s fantastic for practicing my Spanish.  The staff are ultra friendly and I’ve met lots of great people from all over the world.  It’s good being around people again because I was focusing too much on work and not enough on fun.  So, while I’m still working a LOT making my new idea happen, I’m also having fun talking with lots of people.

Last night I went out to dinner at the Oaxaca Festival with a group which included people from Mexico, Canada, Spain, and Italy.  Later we had drinks with more people from Argentina and Austria.  We grabbed some beer at the local Oxxo and went back to the hostel and listened to the local music from the bar next door.  Very nice and relaxing.

Today Andreas (from Argentina, Dieter (from Austria) and I headed to Celestun for a day trip.  We dropped Dieter off and A and I just went and sat on the beach and had lunch and just chilled.  It was nice to get out of the busy city and just relax.  And we had some great conversations.  Andreas is an anthropologist so he had some great information about the local culture that I’d not have learned otherwise.

Tomorrow a group of us are heading to Uxmal and while squeezing 5 people into a tiny car may end up resembling the circus clown car I have no doubt that we’ll have a blast.  It’s Mexico night tonight.  Live music, dancing and good food…should be fun!