One of the first things you notice when you get off the bus in San Cristobal de las Casas is the temperature.  It was easily 15-20 degrees cooler than it was when Lisa and I left Palenque.  It was a wonderful change from hot and humid!

At 2100+ meters and in a valley surrounded by pine-topped mountains, San Cristobal is a beautiful city.  Filled with narrow street and 1-2 story bulidings it’s a bit less colorful than Campeche but very charming.  I knew as soon as I started wandering that I would be staying for a while – if for no other reason than the temperature.  The days are beautiful – mid 80s – and the nights are cool enough to require the thick blankets that all of the hostels provide.

Lisa and I were checked into the hostel Maria Bonita for our first few nights so we headed there to try and figure out how to meet up with Katinka so we could start exploring the city.  Unfortunately, after two nights with virtually no sleep all we were really able to do was eat a meal (the best falafel in Mexico) and head to bed.