Yep! I got a van. In fact, I’ve had it for a couple months. But between procrastination and crap weather, I was making minimal progress in actually moving into van life full time. I think part of me was internally freaked out. In the end, I decided to make plans to visit with some friends in Split to light a fire under my butt and get me onto the road. I spent my first night parked in an abandoned camp ground on the shore looking across at Korcula. Seemed a fitting way to end a month on the island and a great way to start van life.

The plan I hoped to follow has always been to park up, go for a walk, chill/work at night, crash, go for a walk in the morning, then head out. That’s exactly what happened, and it felt great. I still have a good chunk of work to do before things are running smoothly, but I’m happy with the start.