Well, it’s official! I am no longer just a Vagabondette wandering aimlessly and living month-to-month on the whims of Google’s good mood and whatever barter or paid jobs I could scrounge up. I am now a fully-trained Website Developer employed by a great company that allows me to work remotely! This means I get to continue my wandering ways but while I’m doing it, I have financial security and interesting projects to work on!

As a result of the change, the focus of my blog will change a bit. I will be moving less and settling in more so I will talk more about the digital nomad lifestyle than the perma-traveler one. I’ll do monthly cost reports so people can see a realistic expense breakdown and maybe realize that living abroad isn’t as expensive as people think it is! I will also discuss the inevitable challenges of this lifestyle.

I’m very excited about this next step in my journey!