I ended up staying longer in Tulum than I had originally planned but it was worth it. I booked a bed at the Casa Del Sol (see review and details) for one night and ended up staying three – and I’m glad I did. My original plan was to move to The Weary Traveler but after conversations with fellow travelers I learned that they have been having recent issues with bed bugs and that it is probably more of a college frat atmosphere than I would like.

The town of Tulum is small and generally geared to support visitors to the ruins but I enjoyed it. The locals were friendly and there was some fantastic cheap food including surprisingly good Chinese and the best tacos I’ve had since I got to Mexico. The only drawback was the no beer after 2:00 rule. That just sucks when you’re all hot and gross from wandering outside for hours.

My last day there it rained cats and dogs all day and while those who had planned to hit the beaches were a bit bummed I didn’t mind and we made a great day out of it. At that point the cast of characters included 1 guy from Wales, a couple from the UK, 3 guys from The Netherlands, 2 American couples, an Italian guy, a girl from Spain and me. We spent the afternoon talking, drinking beer, playing games, listening to music and just laying in the hammocks on the large deck and enjoying the cool breeze and sound of the rain.

I considered staying longer in Tulum, and I may return, but I have arranged for couchsurfing stays in Merida so it was time to move on.