Travel Thursdays Blog Carnival

I’ve always enjoyed blog carnivals as a way to find lots of good articles from lots of different sources in a single place.  Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many really active travel blog carnivals so I thought I would have a go at starting one.

What is a blog carnival?

A blog carnival is a collection of author-submitted posts on a specific topic all collected into one post.

Is there a specific weekly topic?

Right now, no.  The Blog Carnival is so new that I want to allow everyone to participate.  As it grows in popularity, I might do weekly topics.  At this point, when you submit, you can choose a category for your post (i.e. food, trip report, tips, etc.) that is appropriate.

Who can participate?

Anyone who writes a travel-related article or has a great travel photo to share.

Does it have to be my article/photo?

Yes, you must submit only your own work.  If you read something that you think should be submitted to the carnival, contact the author of the piece and suggest that they submit it.

Does it have to be a new article/photo?

No.  As long as the information is still relevant, you can submit an old post.

What does it cost to participate?

There is no fee to participate but to help the carnival be successful, once it is published, you should share it with your social network via facebook, twitter, etc. and link to it on your blog.  You should also go to the post and read the submissions by other bloggers to give them your support.

What is the benefit of participating?

If everyone who participates shares the carnival post each week, we all benefit by gaining new readers, increased traffic and more comments on our blogs.

How many items may I submit each week?

You may submit one photo and/or one article each week.

How do I submit an item?

If you want to participate in the upcoming carnival, you must submit your article/photo every Tuesday by 2 pm New York time.  You can submit using the widget to the right.  Help spread the word by clicking the link below the widget to add it to your own blog.  The more people who participate, the better for everyone!

When will it be published?

I will be publishing the blog carnival every Thursday. You will be notified when the carnival goes live so you can promote it to your readers.


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