Atlantic Crossing – Adrift and Rescued at Sea

Day 41 (June 15) – at sea Today is my 1.5 month anniversary on board this boat. What a crazy few weeks it has been! Our status is the same. The swell got worse through the night with many waves breaking over the stern but they seem to be calming a bit. We got an […]

Atlantic Crossing – Bermuda to Disaster

Day 30 (June 3) – at sea Finally back underway. I enjoyed Bermuda very much – particularly the taste of my old life – but I am ready to keep moving forward.  Busy day today with last minute leave prep work. The boys coming home late followed a couple hours later by massive rains meant […]

Releasing a Message in a Bottle Mid-Atlantic

I’ve always thought that finding a message in a bottle would be an interesting experience.  Unfortunately, since it’s also a rare experience and not one that can be controlled, I decided to go a different route and release one instead.  In fact, during my Atlantic crossing, I released two bottles.

Atlantic Crossing – St Martin to Bermuda

Day 10 (May 13) – St Martin We left St Martin today, heading for the BVIs.  The weather is still bad for heading up to Bermuda. Apparently there is a pretty big storm up north with winds strong enough to cause us problems.  Works for me, I get to see more new places. We were […]

Atlantic Crossing – St. Lucia to St. Martin

Day 1 (May 4) – St Lucia See all St. Lucia photos here Although I have been here a few days, I consider today the first real day of my sailing trip. The fourth member off our crew arrived last night and this morning we headed out to the anchorage to prepare to sail tomorrow.