I walked past Posada 5 several times on my way to/from Backpackers/Na Bolom before I stopped in.  I was getting sick of dorm life and since Posada 5 had gotten some good reviews I thought I’d see how much a private room was.

The Posada is fairly small with 5-6 private rooms and a dorm with 10-12 beds.  The kitchen is not as nice as the Backpackers Hostel and there really isn’t a central sitting area besides the kitchen but the prices more than make up for it.  Dorm beds (single level, not bunk) are only 50 MXN/night which is 1/2 the cost of the cheapest dorm at Backpackers.  My single room was 75 MXN/night.  It’s the cheapest because there is no window but even the one with a window was only 85 MXN/night.  If there are two it’s even cheaper.  They also allow camping for, I think, 40 MXN/night.

The bed I slept in (queen size) was very comfey though the other bed in the room (single) was NOT.

One of the best things about Posada 5 (aside from the cheap prices) was the view.  It’s situated on top of a hill and the back patio overlooks a large, grassy back yard with swing set and a couple of run-down hammocks but what really grabs you is the view.  From the top of the yard you can look over the main downtown area and across the valley to the mountains on the other side.  The view is just beautiful and I would have loved to have seen last night’s lightening storm from the patio.

The Posada seems to be more geared towards couples and families so if meeting lots of other young travelers and going out partying is your goal the Backpackers is probably a better option.  But, if you’re ready for some alone time and a private room to call your own I think Posada 5 is a great option.