Deicing the Plane

I’ve never witnessed the actual deicing process before! I had no idea that they spray some kind of green goo all over the plane. It was super weird, but since we were the last...


Got My New Passport!

As is usual for me, I procrastinated in renewing my passport (well, really, I didn’t have the money to renew until I got a job) so I had to get another expedited one! 24...


Exploring Medellin, Colombia (photos)

  • DSC02053
  • DSC02054
  • DSC02051
  • DSC02052
  • DSC02055
  • DSC02057
  • DSC02059
  • DSC02060
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  • DSC02072
  • DSC02073
  • DSC02075
  • DSC02076
  • DSC02079
  • DSC02088
  • DSC02125
  • DSC02128

Photos from my walk around Medellin


Paragliding near Medellin, Colombia (photos)

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  • DSC02042
  • DSC02039
  • DSC02040
  • DSC02041
  • DSC02034
  • DSC02035
  • DSC02037
  • DSC02038
  • DSC02044
  • DSC02046
  • DSC02048
  • DSC02050

Photos from my paragliding adventure.


Botanical Gardens, Medellin, Colombia (photos)

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  • DSC02085
  • DSC02092
  • DSC02095
  • DSC02097
  • DSC02099
  • DSC02105
  • DSC02107
  • DSC02108
  • DSC02110
  • DSC02115
  • DSC02116
  • DSC02119
  • DSC02122
  • DSC02082

Photos from the Botanical Gardens in Medellin, Colombia


Travel Quote: Travel is the great leveler…

Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet.

— Patrick Rothfuss


Current Location: Uzumlu, Turkey

I have started my 2.5 month HelpX project here in Uzumlu.  I am working on a horse farm taking care of and riding 5 horses.  The area is beautiful – in the mountains but...