digital nomad budget

This is my first full month back on the road and I was moving much more slowly which is much more my style.  I did, however, spend an unexpected weekend in London and I went out for drinks with friends several nights which drastically added to my budget.  Had I followed my original plan, my budget would be about $425 lower than it was.  But, I had a great time and I still came in under my $1k monthly target so I don’t begrudge the extra spending.

This summary covers travel related expenses for 1-31 October 2015.

Location(s) Visited This Month

  • Southampton, UK
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Transportation – $103.81

  • This includes all transportation between cities as well as public transport within cities.  It is higher than it might otherwise be because I used Uber in London a couple times.

Lodging – $112.54

  • I was scheduled to house sit for the entire month, however, my home owners returned early so I decided to spend a weekend in London.  This was for 2 nights in a hostel.

Food – $386.71

  • I ate out quite a bit in Amsterdam and all the time in London which had a pretty big impact on this number.  Eating at home definitely is cheaper and, generally, I try to do that most often.

Entertainment – $249.46

  • I spent several great nights out with friends this month.  Unfortunately they were usually at cocktail bars where I was spending $10-15 per drink vs my usual $5 glasses of wine.  That made a big impact on my entertainment costs but I had a great time so I wouldn’t change anything.

Miscellaneous – $3.25

  • I need to find a good cash tracking app.  Honestly, this $3.25 is probably jingling around in the bottom of my bag right now.

Monthly Total:  $855.77

Average monthly spend: $1350.75 ($350.75)*

I’m happy with my expenses for this month.  The would have been less than half had I not done my weekend in London and been so social in Amsterdam, but all work and no play makes Mandy a dull girl.  Besides, it’s below my monthly target, so I’m happy.

* My average monthly spending target is $1k/mo. This number is the average for the months I’ve been working remotely so far.  The amount in parentheses is the amount I’m over or under my goal.