Nomadas Hostel is probably the most well known hostel in Merida and it’s easy to see why. It’s large dorms are clean and airy and the bottom beds are actually full size, not twin which is a nice change. They’re also in the process of installing a pool in the back yard which will definitely be useful in the hotter months.

Located just a few blocks from the main square they offer a great location from which to explore Merida and their in-house travel service, which offers discounted tours to the local attractions, is another great benefit.

Included in the price of your room (98 MXN/night) is: a “breakfast” of homemade bread and butter and coffee, salsa lessons, sheets, a full kitchen, free wireless and wired internet, no lock-out and information about sights in the area. They also provide water to refill your containers at a discounted price of 1 MXN for ½ liter.

However, as much as Nomadas has going for it, I have to admit that I didn’t much enjoy my time there. Granted, I was ill most of the time I was there but that aside, I just didn’t find the staff to be very friendly and the visitors seemed young and only interested in partying. So, while it’s a nice hostel and I can understand why it’s so popular, it’s not one I would go back to if I had another choice.