Another month of house sitting, another month of savings! đŸ™‚

This summary covers nomad living expenses for 1-31 July 2018.

Location(s) Visited This Month

  • Helsingborg, Sweden (h)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Transportation – $23.47

  • This train travel between Helsingborg and Copenhagen.

Lodging – $41.69

  • I spent all but one day house sitting which, of course, goes a long way towards keeping the costs down.
  • Breakdown *
    • House Sitting – 30
    • Hostel – 1 night (

Food & Entertainment – $347.12

  • Sweden is stupidly expensive to eat out, so my only meal out was at Ikea, which was cheap. đŸ™‚ Eating at home definitely helps save money. This was still pretty high, but replacing my macadamia addiction from a couple months ago, I had bresaola.

Miscellaneous – $0

  • My cell plan from Germany randomly kept working so I didn’t have to get one in Sweden, which works for me!

Monthly Total:  $412.28
Daily Average: $13.30

Average monthly spend: $957.28 ($42.72)**
Average daily spend: $31.61

* When I published my summary in 2015 I had more than one person accuse me of always Couch Surfing or always staying in 30+ person dorms in order to keep my costs low. So this year I’m tracking my lodging type as an extra data point.

** My average monthly spending target is $1k/mo. This number is the average for the months I’ve been working remotely since January 2018.  The amount in parentheses is the amount I’m over or under my goal.

At reader request, I’m adding a link to a google doc with all of the monthly data at a glance: