While checking into the H1 Roma Citta, what is supposed to be a 4* business hotel, I had this conversation with the desk clerk.  It is absolutely ridiculous as the new norm in the USA seems to be flat credit cards.  All 5 of the new debit/credit cards I’ve gotten from various banks have been flat and I’ve been using them all over the world for a couple years with no problems.  I was informed that if I wanted to use any of the hotel facilities like restaurant, bar, etc. I would have to pay cash.  I responded that I didn’t even want to stay in the hotel because of this stupid policy and that I would take my credit cards elsewhere for food and drinks.  I have no problem spending my expense account in the local restaurants if this hotel doesn’t want my money.  I’ve filed a complaint, we will see if they respond.


I got a call from the manager asking to talk so I went down to the lobby. After a few minutes of waiting he came out to explain their policy.  Apparently in Italy, credit cards only have raised numbers and that’s why they don’t usually accept cards without them.  I reminded him that as an international hotel it was important to not just look at what Italy does.  He apologized for the problem and assured me that i was more than welcome to use my credit card in any of the hotel facilities.  I pretty much told him I was thankful that he was willing to let me spend more of my money there but that it wouldn’t happen.  There are other places in Rome that I can go that won’t give me issues and that’s what I’ll do.  It’s unfortunate though because I’m hungry, their restaurant gets good reviews, and I don’t have time to go elsewhere before a meeting.  But now, it’s a matter of principle for me. 🙂