By November 2008 I had finally admitted to myself that the “American Dream” lifestyle was not for me. I started trying to figure out how to make money online so I could work while traveling. Digital Nomading wasn’t even a phrase back then. By early December, I was consistently making $600/month in passive income from Adsense and Affiliate programs. I’d calculated that I could live off of that amount while backpacking in Latin America, so I pulled the trigger and hit the road for a 1 year backpacking trip through Central and South America. Nothing went as I planned and 13 years later, I don’t regret it a bit.

While my travel lifestyle has changed a lot, particularly moving into a van this year, I can’t ever imagine spending the rest of my life in one place. I’m not sure what the next 13 years will bring, but I am certain it’ll be interesting.